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I like the color purple, and soft rainy days. The clear sky after rain is the most beautiful. Calpico water is my favorite drink. I love to draw. I'm a graphic novel artist. I love my family, especially my mother and sister. They allowed me to pursue my dream and so I'm always grateful for their existence and selfless support. I also love my niece Yaya and nephew Kadyn, for they are the most precious. (although most of the time they are the major distraction...)
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I’m yelling because I’m upset that Corel Painter just shared an article that credited the wrong artist…Orz

she passed away while working in 2012 at young age of 38
…possibly due to overwork. TT__TT

I love her paintings a lot. Oriental (ancient Chinese fashion) style is her trademark.  People gave her the title of “Oriental Painter Princess”

Derjen’s official site: http://www.derjen.idv.tw

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