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I like the color purple, and soft rainy days. The clear sky after rain is the most beautiful. Calpico water is my favorite drink. I love to draw. I'm a graphic novel artist. I love my family, especially my mother and sister. They allowed me to pursue my dream and so I'm always grateful for their existence and selfless support. I also love my niece Yaya and nephew Kadyn, for they are the most precious. (although most of the time they are the major distraction...)
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Livestream ON~

Painting a quick portrait of Princess Cadence to add to the portrait set of MLP.

My 5 yr. old niece Yaya (loyal MLP viewer) used to mistake the name as Kadyn (name of my 2 yr. old nephew) 

At first I didn’t know about this Cadence character (only watched season 1), so she kept telling me “There is Kadyn in My Little Pony!”

me: “oh? really?”

Yaya: “she’s a princess!”

me: “…uh, whut?!”

and so, curiosity (and confusion) drove me to find out the REAL name of this princess pony…=__=

and that’s how I met Princess Cadence…XD

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