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I like the color purple, and soft rainy days. The clear sky after rain is the most beautiful. Calpico water is my favorite drink. I love to draw. I'm a graphic novel artist. I love my family, especially my mother and sister. They allowed me to pursue my dream and so I'm always grateful for their existence and selfless support. I also love my niece Yaya and nephew Kadyn, for they are the most precious. (although most of the time they are the major distraction...)
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work in progress…

Hephaestus from MYth.


Look at his fucking legs
He doesn’t even fucking fit in the fucking kart I’m gonna D I E

Poor Link…XD

pretty much all the other characters in Mario world have short legs and big heads, Link is really at a disadvantage here….=u=

I wanna see Kirby racing too…>u<



walking into the wrong class




I just love owls….XD

(via foreverthem)

Maru&#8217;s tail is like Totoro&#8217;s&#8230;..&gt;u&lt; ////
it also twitches the same way when you touch it&#8230;XD

Maru’s tail is like Totoro’s…..>u< ////

it also twitches the same way when you touch it…XD

The beginning of their colorful friendship&#8230;
Pinko, the pink orca
Papo, the purple penguin.
It&#8217;s a Colorful World 
(c) Zelda C. Wang

The beginning of their colorful friendship…

Pinko, the pink orca

Papo, the purple penguin.

It’s a Colorful World 

(c) Zelda C. Wang

15歳の剛みたい O_O
35歳なのに&#8230; =u=;
教えてよ~~ (ˊᗜˋ*)


15歳の剛みたい O_O

35歳なのに… =u=;



教えてよ~~ (ˊᗜˋ*)

oh wow…. I never knew you could draw with Power Point….O__Olll

made by student of Taiwan University.

and this student didn’t forget to mention Togashi’s indefinite hiatus…XD

here are other ones from the same class…



amazing skills these firefighters have….O_O

if they were the survey corps of Attack on Titan, they’d be able to put on their full gears in no time ( = ^ = )

Nono, the snow bear 


Koka, Kora, the dramatic owls.

Title logo for the next MYth story.

Guess who the story is about…XD? 

It’s my first try at making ambigram…hopefully it reads…Orz


MYth (c) Zelda C. Wang

*latest  MYth story: 

*Completed short stories of MYth:
My Seasons (2007-08) ]
Eternal Gift (2009-10)]
A Promise (2010-2013)]
[Will (2014)]

*Other MYth related works:
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a short Livestream~
working on the next MYth title logo, 
I…made an ambigram ~~ >u< !!!!
my first try at ambigram….I hope it reads.. Orz

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As always, Koichi’s outfit was ‘prince-like’, majestic and handsome…

Tsuyoshi’s outfit…  as always, accentuated his cuteness…XD!!

and what was going through their minds when they choreographed this song…XD

Koichi is often in charge of choreographing their concert.
He came up with the idea for Swan Song and got the fan girls screaming… 
So… I wonder if this was his idea too… sneaky Koichi…=u=?

(=∀=  ): I think, the dance for cool beauty needs intimacy. It fits the song.
(  ●△●): you want more ‘touching’?

(=∀=lll): Of course not REALLY touching.  I’m not a pervert!
(  ●△●): says the guy who walks around naked at home…

(=∀=  ): I don’t do that anymore! 
(  ●△●): because you finally realized Pan-chan can see that thing swinging!

To inkblazers subscribers, with MYth: Distillation coming to an end this month, if you’d like to order the printed version, please look out for the comic update this week. There will be a ‘page’ with link to the early pre-order information for subscribers only.  (you’ll get the book early too ^^)

For non-subscribers, there will be another pre-order period in November since the online update for free users won’t be finished until December.

Thank you all for supporting my works ^ u ^

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi Zelda! ^_^ I was wondering if you were going to do the Halloween contest like last year?
zeldacw-love zeldacw-love Said:

I wish I could!
It’s fun to see my characters in various interesting costumes…XD
but I’m a bit busy this time… ( T^T)

unless those who enter don’t mind getting the gift pic from me after Halloween…Orz 

if that’s okay, I’ll be happy to do it…( =u=; )

Asker freirreniel Asks:
I had a dream when Hera and Hephaestus play together when Hephaestus still a child and when Hephaestus confort his mother, Hera when she's upset about Zeus. And it's all in your version of MYth! It's so beautiful...
zeldacw-love zeldacw-love Said:

awwww…….thank you. TuT

but now you make me feel cruel  =_=
*looking at the script….